Love, with its intricate tapestry of emotions, has inspired various magical practices throughout history. One such enchanting avenue is obsession love magic, a path that delves into the depths of desire and passion. In this exploration, we focus on the combination of the captivating pink sapphire and the illuminating green candle, weaving a tale of love’s intensity and the mystical allure that arises from the union of these powerful elements.

Pink sapphire

Pink sapphire, a mesmerizing gemstone with a delicate hue, is revered for its associations with love, passion, and emotional harmony. As a variant of the corundum family, the pink sapphire embodies the essence of love magic, inviting practitioners to explore the depths of desire, attraction, and the intensification of emotional connections.

Properties of pink sapphire in love magic:

  1. Passionate energies:
    • Pink sapphire is believed to channel passionate energies that deepen emotional connections. In love magic, this gemstone becomes a focal point for intensifying desires and forging a powerful link between individuals.
  2. Harmonizing relationships:
    • The gentle pink hues of the sapphire symbolize emotional balance and harmony. When used in love spells, pink sapphire is thought to bring about a sense of tranquility and understanding, fostering a harmonious atmosphere within relationships.
  3. Attraction and magnetism:
    • Pink sapphire is considered a magnet for love energies. Its allure is believed to attract like-minded souls, kindling the flames of attraction and creating an irresistible pull between individuals.

Green candle

Green, a color associated with growth, renewal, and the heart chakra, serves as a potent symbol in candle magic. The gentle flicker of a green candle becomes a beacon guiding the energies of love, infusing rituals with the essence of nature’s transformative power.

Properties of green candle in love magic:

  1. Heart chakra activation:
    • Green candles are linked to the heart chakra, the center of love and compassion. The use of a green candle in love magic rituals facilitates the activation and alignment of the heart chakra, fostering a deeper connection to one’s emotions and the emotions of others.
  2. Renewal and growth:
    • Green is the color of renewal and growth. In love magic, the green candle becomes a symbol of the continual evolution of love, encouraging relationships to flourish, transform, and overcome obstacles on the path to a deeper connection.
  3. Emotional healing:
    • The soothing glow of a green candle is associated with emotional healing. Love rituals that incorporate a green candle focus on healing emotional wounds, promoting forgiveness, and creating a space for new beginnings in relationships.

Obsession love magic ritual

  1. Preparation:
    • Gather a pink sapphire, a green candle, and any additional items that hold personal significance. Choose a quiet and comfortable space for your ritual.
  2. Setting intentions:
    • Clarify your intentions for the obsession love magic ritual. Whether seeking to deepen an existing connection or attract a new and passionate love, be specific about your desires.
  3. Casting the circle:
    • Begin by casting a sacred circle, symbolizing the boundary between the mundane and the magical. This creates a protected space for your ritual, allowing energies to be focused and amplified.
  4. Charging the pink sapphire:
    • Hold the pink sapphire in your hands and visualize it being charged with the energies of love, passion, and desire. Set your intentions for the ritual and infuse the gemstone with your deepest desires.
  5. Lighting the green candle:
    • Light the green candle, symbolizing the illumination of the path to growth and renewal in love. As the candle burns, focus on the flickering flame, connecting with the transformative energies it represents.
  6. Meditative connection:
    • Enter a meditative state and connect with the energies of the pink sapphire and green candle. Visualize a radiant pink light surrounding you, blending with the green glow of the candle, creating a harmonious and charged atmosphere.
  7. Affirmations and desires:
    • Speak affirmations related to your desires for love. Express your passions, longings, and the intensity of your emotions. Visualize the manifestation of these desires, allowing the pink sapphire and green candle to amplify your intentions.
  8. Closing and gratitude:
    • Express gratitude for the energies invoked and the transformative power of the ritual. Blow out the candle, symbolizing the completion of the magical working, and carry the charged pink sapphire with you as a talisman of love.


In the enchanting dance of pink sapphire and green candle, obsession love magic unfolds as a journey into the depths of desire, passion, and transformative growth. The pink sapphire, a gem resonating with passionate energies, intertwines with the green candle’s illuminating glow, creating a harmonious synergy that amplifies intentions and desires. As practitioners engage in this ritual, they navigate the realms of love with respect, ethical considerations, and a profound connection to the transformative power of the heart.