Is the effect of a love spell long-term?
Love is the most wonderful feeling that gives meaning to our lives. Anyone who has ever been in love can confirm this. Unfortunately, there are two sides to every medal. Sometimes we fall in love at a young age and stay with our chosen one for the rest of our lives. These stories are beautiful, albeit increasingly rare these days. Usually relationships last up to a few years, after which they fall apart, and the person who was abandoned sometimes becomes depressed.

What to do when your beloved has left you?
First of all, do not panic and try to get him back by normal means. Perhaps a simple conversation and clarification of misunderstandings will get you back together. If the usual attempts to get him back have not yielded results, then you have two choices – either take care of yourself, bet on self-development, or get your man back using love magic. If you choose the second option, you need to learn about a few important things.

it is not worth it to cast a love spell alone

Casting the spell alone is a waste of time. It takes a huge amount of energy for the spell to work. If you had nothing to do with magic and esotericism then unfortunately, but there is no chance that your ritual will work.

You need to find an effective spell caster
How do you find someone effective? Here are some tips:
-check if the spell caster has a website
-read his or her website thoroughly. If there are many articles on magic on the site, then you can consider that he has experience and is probably effective.
-Check reviews of a particular spell caster

Decide which spell to choose
You need to decide which spell you will opt for. The most popular types of love magic are Egyptian spells, love binding spell, classic love spell and Wiccan spells. Each of these spells is different from each other. Completely different props are used when casting a binding spell, and completely different during Egyptian spells. Each of these spells is safe and has no side effects.

Voodoo spells
Voodoo spells originate from African culture and are dangerous. A person under the influence of such a spell loses control over himself and behaves unnaturally. It is impossible to form a stable relationship with such a person. In addition, never commission love curses – that is, revenge spells, which are designed to ensure that a person will never experience happiness in love.
These are basic tips for people who are about to use love magic.
Are the results of love spells permanent?
From the opinions I have gathered, it seems that if the spell is successful then the effects are permanent. Of course, this does not relieve you of the obligation to take care of the relationship and try to make both you and your partner feel good about the relationship.