In the Internet there are plenty of websites that offer rituals and spells of love. We can find offers from classic love spell, egyptian love ritual, wicca love spell, shamanic love spell, love binding spell etc. The problem arises when we want to find a website that will be credible.

In this article, I will try to write what information must be included on the website to be considered credible.

Let me start with the fact that it is worth checking when a given page existed. Usually, those who have been operating for longer, at least a few years, are more reliable than websites that were created a few months ago.

Another important thing is checking social media. A real Spell Caster should post photos and videos of his work. At least we are then much more sure that spell in the ordered intention will be performed.

The next thing, in fact the most important thing, is sending proof of the spell performed. Work of a Spell Caster is to work with energies. Before performing the spell, you will need to submit your basic details (at least your name and date of birth) so that the energy can be properly channeled.

So after spells are finished, you should get photos of spells for you. Once you get such a photo, rate photo quality. Is there the data (name, date of birth) you provided? Or maybe you got a free photo from websites like shutterstock?

Scammers usually send photos from websites like

In addition, before ordering, evaluate the overall credibility of website. If the photos in descriptions of spells are taken from the Internet, website is usually not trustworthy. Someone who really does love magic has their own altar and materials. So, a reliable website should have at least a few real photos that Spell Caster took itself.