There are tons of sites on the Internet that offer love spells. Unfortunately, most of them are of low quality and want to get your money.

How to recognize that a website is a scam?

Pay attention to the content of the page. If you see the text “immediate results”, “results within 3 days”, “results within 24 hours” then the site is a scam. It is not possible for the results of the love spells to appear in such a short time.

Often times, a website looks ordinary and feels credible. Only when you send an email with questions about the love spell can you find out that the site is a scam.

Here are the common answers:

“its takes only 72hours your work to be done Its 100% guarantee”

“You can download what’s app for easy communication. All spells effect in 10hrs from the time period started.”

“My spells takes 2days respectively and on the third day you receive the results”

Remember – if you get this or a similar answer, it means that the site is a scam!