What to follow when choosing a spell caster?

I will start by introducing what love spells are and in what situations their use makes sense. So, love spells are magical actions, the purpose of which is to create a huge amount of energy for a specific purpose-most often to win over a person. There are several types of spells that are used. These include:
-love binding spell
-Egyptian spells
-classic love spell
-Wiccan spells
-spells to increase success with the opposite sex
-love attraction spells
-Archangelic spells
Each of these spells differs significantly from each other. Different props are used when casting a binding spell, and others during Egyptian spells or Wiccan spells.

When to use a love spell?
The basic uses of love magic are as follows:
-recovering a partner who has left us
-gaining the love of a person we know
-increasing good luck with the opposite sex
-attracting new love
In addition, there are separation spells, or love curses, which are designed to ensure that a person never experiences happiness in love again. I am against black magic, so I advise against such spells
If you want the spell to work, you need to focus on finding an effective spell caster. What qualities to pay attention to when looking for someone effective:
-check the reputation of the spell caster
-check his website
-read the articles on his website

A basic factor is for a spell caster to have his own website with articles on love magic. Every experienced spell caster has his own site, and the articles on the site speak volumes about whether he exemplifies his work.