Love magic is a vast field and is used in many cases. In the following text I will list some basic cases when any of the rituals can be used.

1. I will start with the most popular love spells on a specific person, which are used in cases when someone wants to, either get back a partner with whom he has already been in a relationship, or win the love of a person he knows, but has never been in a relationship with this person before. These spells will differ from the others in that they are cast on a specifically designated one person. In such cases, the use of love magic is recommended only when the normal ways of regaining, or winning the love of that person fail. So, for example, if you have been in a relationship with a man you love, and with whom you plan a future together, but this man has left you, and the normal ways of winning him back have failed, then only the use of love magic is advisable. Of course, a love charm on a particular person is not the only ritual used in such situations. Equally powerful, if not more powerful, are such rituals as the Egyptian ritual, love binding spell, and the Wiccan ritual. The decision should be made by the ordering party after consultation with the spell caster.

2. Another example of when love magic can help is attracting love into your life. So, if you are a single woman who would like to finally meet a man with whom you will fall in love with reciprocally, then a ritual for attracting love will be most appropriate. Such spells usually bring great results and within 3-4 months you will most likely meet the man of your life

3.The next example is when you want to increase the success with the opposite sex. Then the ritual for increasing success with the opposite sex should work great. Within a few weeks or so, you should experience much greater success from men.

The examples mentioned above are the most typical examples of the use of love magic. There is also the other side of the coin, and that is, chits such as a love curse, which is cast in order to make sure that a person never experiences happiness in love. There are also cut-off spells (another name for separation spells), when you want to destroy another relationship – such a ritual can have a good effect when your partner has left you for another person and you would first like to break up their relationship so that you can then get him back.

In summary, love magic has a number of applications and shows quite high effectiveness. As you can see from the above text, love magic can be used both for positive purposes, such where no bystander will be harmed, and for negative purposes, to cause harm to someone.