Spells for love, or how to make any person fall in love with you?

Your love life is not going your way? No matter how hard you try, you can’t find the right person or have no idea how to make the guy of your dreams fall in love with you? If that’s the case, maybe it’s time for a …. a love spell?
In recent years, more and more people are opening up to esotherapy, white magic and the potential that spells and magical rituals can bring with them. It’s hardly surprising: the more uncertainty in us, the more anxious we are about reality, the more susceptible and amenable we are to solutions that until now have seemed absurd. Even if they don’t change our fate, for a while they allow us to regain a sense of control, get our fears under control, channel our energy into action. And if it makes us feel better and helps us get through difficulties, why not give it a try? After all – as the famous quote, inappropriately attributed to Albert Einstein, goes – “it is madness to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.”

So when you feel that there are blockages in your love life that you can’t overcome in any way, why not reach for non-standard means?
Do love spells work?

Love magic has existed since the dawn of time. Its origins can be traced as far back as 2000 BC in the ancient Near East and ancient Egypt. Over time, amorous magical practices were adopted by ancient Greek and Roman cultures, spilling over to the rest of the world as well. They became firmly rooted, for example, in Slavic culture, where spells were cast by whisperers and nuns, and necessary for this were, among other things, herbal concoctions. Nowadays, love spells are understood somewhat differently – rather, they take the form of manifestations, i.e. positive statements uttered or written down under certain circumstances, which (allegedly) work on the basis of the law of attraction, assuming that our thoughts shape reality.
Like manifestations or spell work, therefore, they are meant to be a method of directing your intentions and clearly stating what you want. In order for your intention to come true, it is important to combine reality conjuring with action and work on what you are invoking.
I think the most powerful love spell is to embody the energy of love, to become love and attract it like a magnet. Thinking about what it means to you: to be in relationship with yourself/yourself, to be in relationship with inner love – before you start directing it outward.

Just being connected to yourself and your own innate power, your own innate wisdom, your own intuition and the knowledge you already have within you is far more important than anything else.

3. Love spells for beginners

Make him/her think of you
The basics in this case are: a scrap of paper, a red marker and the name of the person you want to “charm”. You write the name of the said person on the piece of paper, and then circle it three times (it doesn’t have to be perfect). That’s where the magic ends, now all you have to do is wait for the results. Obsessive thoughts guaranteed – assures the author of the video, reassuring one of the commenters that there is no danger in this practice. The universe is always on your side and wants to honor your wishes, it reads.

Make it so that it can’t/won’t put you out of its mind

To perform this “spell” also requires a scrap of paper, on which we write the crush’s name three times (horizontally). Then, in vertical orientation, we write our name three times. We fold the piece of paper three times in the “to yourself” direction and put it under our pillow before going to sleep. If at night we dream of the desired person, we are sure that the spell works.

Make what you desire come true
As you can guess, in this case too, we are not without a piece of paper and a pen. This time, however, we write down the men’s name five times. Then, vertically, we overwrite our name on them – seven times. Next, we communicate the intention: we write down what we want on the edge of the sheet along its edge. For the last writing, we can’t take our hand off the surface of the paper.

Many people believe that a money spell is a quick and easy way to become rich and prosperous in life. Indeed, laws related to the use of the universe’s energy and manifestation maintain that there are ways to attract cash to yourself. How to cast a money spell?
How to cast a money spell?
Can a money spell seriously work? Yes! Casting spells to attract wealth to us is based on the same principles as the manifestation of all other desires. We need to start with the right mindset (including setting our mind to positive vibrations, showing gratitude at every turn, focusing on good rather than bad events), and then implement techniques such as visualization and saying affirmations. Once you learn to work effectively with the vibration of your surroundings, using spells to attract money should not be a problem at all!
Effective spell for money

As we mentioned earlier, the easiest way for us to attract money to ourselves will be through manifestations. First, we need to set our thinking to accept abundance, and start associating wealth with something strictly positive. We can help ourselves through breathing exercises, meditation, and saying aloud appropriate affirmations (which serve as “incantations”), at times when we receive money or spend it.

Spells uttered when receiving money
In order to set our vibration to attract money, we need to focus on showing gratitude and joy every time we receive it (whether the influx of cash was unexpected or expected!). We should say the affirmations out loud, especially when the money is a gift from another person.

“I am grateful for the money I received.
Thank you for your trust, I will definitely make use of this money.
May the money come back to you multiplied.”

Spells uttered when spending money
Just as in the case of receiving money, we can utter appropriate incantations to the universe at the time of spending money. Repeating this type of affirmation will make our vibrations start to transmit on the right waves, attracting abundance and wealth to us. Let’s not forget that affirmations should be spoken with faith, joy and commitment.

“I am grateful that I am able to afford it.
Spending money has made me happy, and a surge of cash is on its way to me.
The spent money will come back to me multiplied.”

Money spell with a jar
Another way to attract money to yourself with the help of manifestations is to create special spell jars (spell jars). They are a physical representation of the spells we cast. We must remember that each spell jar should be created with pure and good intention, so that its magic works best with the energy of the universe.

Cinnamon money spell in a jar


A glass jar with a lid or cap,
energy cleansing incense, such as white sage,
a few pieces of cinnamon bark,
dried chamomile,
bay leaf,
green aventurine,
green candle.


Before you proceed to prepare the spell, set yourself to the right vibration, for example, with the help of exercise or meditation.
Start by purifying the energy in the jar, with the help of smelling it with white sage.
One by one, start putting all the listed ingredients into the jar: cinnamon bark, dried chamomile, peppermint, bay leaf and one green aventurine. Remember to do this with good and specific intention. While doing so, you can repeat aloud affirmations to attract money.
Once all the ingredients are in the jar, focus one last time on your intention, and then close it with a lid or cap.
Light a green candle, and seal the jar’s closure with the help of wax.
Keep the jar in a prominent place in your home and apartment, so that it will regularly remind you of the coming tide of wealth!

Crystal money spell in a jar


A glass jar with a lid or cap,
energy cleansing incense, for example, with white sage,
green aventurine,
a leaf of coarse egg plant,
a piece of ginger root,
dried thyme,
a few seeds of any plant,
half a cup of rice or flour to combine all the ingredients,
a green candle,
a piece of paper and a pen.

Spells to attract money using a candle

We can also cast a money spell during a ritual using a candle. However, we must remember that this type of “spell” is not recommended for beginners. Before we get down to rituals using burning candles, we should gain some experience in working with the energy of the universe.
Money ritual with candle and coins


green candle,
several coins of different denominations,
cotton bag,
a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and nutmeg,
a silver spoon,
a piece of paper and a pen.


Light a candle.
Put the spices in a bowl and mix them with a silver spoon.
Think of an intention, preferably including how much money you specifically want to receive. Write your intention on a piece of paper.
Put the spices, coins and the piece of paper with the intention into a cotton bag. You can tie it with a red ribbon or a piece of thread.
Repeat the intention out loud again and blow out the candle.
Carry the pouch with you, for example, in your coat pocket or purse.
When you manage to accumulate the manifested amount of money, get rid of the spices from the pouch. Express gratitude to the universe, and then burn the card with the intention, using the candle used during the ritual.