In the realm of magic and spellcasting, one particular category that captures the imagination is money spells. These spells are designed to attract financial abundance, prosperity, and opportunities. While they may seem mystical, money spells are rooted in the belief that energetic alignment and intention can positively influence one’s financial circumstances. In this article, we delve into the concept of money spells, their purpose, practices, and ethical considerations. Money spells are rituals or practices aimed at manifesting financial abundance, wealth, and prosperity. They involve the use of symbolic objects, incantations, visualization, and energy manipulation to attract money, increase income, or create opportunities for financial growth. Money spells are sought by individuals seeking to improve their financial situation, overcome financial obstacles, or enhance their financial success.

Practices and methods

Money spells encompass various practices and methods. Here are some commonly used techniques:

Candle Magic: Candles, particularly green or gold ones, are often utilized in money spellwork. They are charged with intentions and lit during rituals to symbolize the attraction and increase of financial resources.

Visualization: Visualizing abundance and financial success is a fundamental aspect of money spells. Practitioners imagine themselves in a state of financial prosperity, envisioning the specific outcomes they desire. Vivid visualization enhances the focus and intention of the spell.

Sigils and Symbols: Sigils, symbols, or written affirmations associated with wealth and prosperity are incorporated into money spells. These symbols are believed to carry the energy and intention needed to manifest financial abundance.

Offering Rituals: Some money spells involve offering gratitude to the universe or specific deities associated with abundance. Offerings such as coins, herbs, or symbolic items are presented as acts of appreciation and to align oneself with the energy of prosperity.

Manifesting abundance holistically

Money spells are most effective when integrated into a holistic approach to abundance. Here are additional practices to enhance financial well-being:

Self-reflection and belief systems

Explore and address any limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns surrounding money. Cultivate a positive mindset, abundance mentality, and a belief in your own worthiness of financial success.

Practical financial planning

Engage in responsible financial planning, such as budgeting, saving, and setting clear financial goals. Take practical steps towards creating a solid foundation for financial stability and growth.

Skill development and education

Invest in developing skills and acquiring knowledge that can enhance your earning potential. Continuous learning and personal growth contribute to long-term financial success.

Gratitude and generosity

Cultivate gratitude for the financial resources you already have. Practice acts of generosity and giving, as they align with the flow of abundance.


Money spells offer individuals a means to energetically align themselves with financial abundance. By combining intention, visualization, and symbolic practices, practitioners seek to manifest wealth and prosperity. It is crucial to approach money spells with ethical considerations, personal responsibility, and a holistic perspective on abundance. By integrating magical practices with practical financial strategies and cultivating a positive mindset, individuals can enhance their financial well-being and create a foundation for long-term prosperity.

Props used in money spell

Money spells are a fascinating aspect of magical practices, designed to attract financial abundance and prosperity. These spells often incorporate various props and symbolic objects to enhance the energetic alignment and intention behind the spellwork. In this article, we delve into the world of money spell props, exploring their significance, popular choices, and how they contribute to the manifestation of wealth and abundance.

The power of props in money spells

Props play a significant role in money spells by serving as symbolic representations of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. They amplify the intentions, focus the practitioner’s energy, and create a tangible connection between the physical and metaphysical realms. The careful selection and use of these props can enhance the efficacy and effectiveness of money spells.

Popular money spell props


Candles are versatile props commonly used in money spells. Green candles, symbolizing prosperity, are particularly favored. Lighting and consecrating a candle with intention and visualization infuse it with the energy of abundance, attracting financial resources and opportunities.

Coins and currency

Coins, especially those of higher denominations, hold a symbolic representation of wealth and financial abundance. They can be incorporated into money spells by placing them on an altar or using them during rituals to signify the attraction and accumulation of money.

Gemstones and crystals

Certain gemstones and crystals are associated with prosperity and abundance. Citrine, pyrite, green aventurine, and jade are popular choices. These stones can be placed on an altar, held during meditation, or carried as talismans to enhance the manifestation of wealth and financial success.

Money drawing herbs

Various herbs are believed to have properties that attract financial abundance. Examples include basil, cinnamon, bay leaves, and mint. They can be used in spells by incorporating them into charm bags, creating herbal sachets, or burning them as incense to infuse the surroundings with the energy of prosperity.

Sigils and written affirmations

Sigils, symbols, and written affirmations associated with wealth and abundance are powerful tools in money spellwork. These can be inscribed on candles, drawn on paper, or engraved on talismans to reinforce the intentions and focus the practitioner’s energy towards manifesting financial prosperity.

Prosperity symbols

Certain objects, such as a golden key, a lucky charm, or a representation of a flourishing plant, hold symbolism associated with prosperity. Including these objects in money spells serves as a visual reminder of the desired outcome and aligns the practitioner with the energy of abundance.

Integrating props into money spellwork

When using props in money spells, it is crucial to integrate them into a holistic approach to abundance. Here are additional considerations:

Clear intention: Before incorporating props, clarify your intentions for financial abundance and prosperity. Clearly define your goals and desires to direct the energy and focus of the spellwork effectively.

Visualization and affirmations

Combine the use of props with visualization techniques and affirmations. Visualize yourself surrounded by financial abundance and repeat affirmations that reinforce your intentions and beliefs about wealth.

Cleansing and charging

Before using props in money spells, cleanse them energetically and charge them with your intentions. This can be done through smudging, placing them under the moonlight or sunlight, or using visualization techniques to infuse them with your desired energies.

Alignment and action

Remember that props alone are not enough to manifest financial abundance. Align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your intentions. Take practical steps, such as pursuing opportunities, improving financial literacy, and practicing responsible financial management, to support the manifestation process.


Props used in money spells serve as symbolic representations of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. By incorporating these props into spellwork, practitioners enhance the energetic alignment and intention behind their manifestations. However, ethical considerations should always be kept in mind, ensuring that money spells are approached with respect, integrity, and a focus on personal responsibility. When integrated into a holistic approach to abundance, props can be powerful tools in attracting financial prosperity and creating a foundation for lasting wealth and success.