Is it worth using black magic rituals?

I will begin by specifying the terms-black magic and white magic. Black magic is spells that are performed for negative purposes. An example of a black magic ritual is a love curse, which is meant to ensure that a person will never experience happiness in love. Another black magic ritual is a voodoo spell, which is performed to win a person’s love. Seemingly there is nothing negative in these intentions, yet voodoo is a mysterious spell originating in African culture. A person under the influence of a voodoo ritual behaves unnaturally and it is impossible to form a long-term relationship with such a person. Therefore, these rituals are discouraged.
White magic is spells performed with positive intentions. Typical examples of white magic are rituals for increasing good luck with the opposite sex, rituals for attracting love, archangelic rituals.
There are also rituals on the borderline between white and black magic, such as love entanglements, Egyptian rituals, Wiccan rituals. These are performed with positive intentions, although on a hunch they are referred to as borderline rituals.

Each of the aforementioned rituals differs from one another. It is all about the props, and the incantations uttered during the rituals. Different props are used during Archangelic rituals, and others during Egyptian rituals.

The most important thing, however, is the person performing the love charm. If you want the ritual to be successful you need to find an experienced spell caster. This is not a simple matter, but by browsing many websites and many review sites, you can find some ritualists who seem to be reliable. Avoid ritualists who promise quick results (for example, within 48 hours). There is no way for a spell to work that quickly. One usually waits up to 4 months for the effects.