There is a lot of talk about casting curses on other people. Each of us is able to make an evil charm pass on someone. Thus, none of us can be sure that it will not be cast on him. The symptoms of being cursed can be various – but certainly the person who has been affected by the curse will not be himself. How can a bad charm manifest itself, and how do you clear it so that you feel good and safe again? See for yourself.

A bad spell can happen to anyone

A bad spell is a conscious intention uttered with the thought of a person we do not wish well. However, it is not enough to think about what we would like to do to such a person. The intention must be put into practice with a specific ritual. One should be aware that any of us can fall victim to an evil charm. This is because someone who does not wish us well can perform a ritual with a negative intention sent in our direction. However, it turns out that we are able to defend ourselves against this. If you recognize that someone has cast a spell on you, you can unspell it. First, however, check out how to find out if you are under the influence of some curse.

How do you know if someone has cast a spell on you?

If someone casts a spell on you, you will certainly not be yourself. People then experience both mental and physical symptoms. First of all, you may decline in health. If you were fine until recently, and suddenly symptoms of serious illnesses appear and tests show nothing – then you may be subject to a curse. A bad spell can also lead to irritability and depressive states. Symptoms also often show up in nightmares. Also in everyday life we will notice a string of failures. Sometimes the curse can be cast on someone’s appearance – pimples appear or hair starts to fall out.

Protection from the curse – how to clear the bad spell?

If you are sure that someone has cast a spell on you, then you can try to clear it. There are several ways to protect yourself from the curse. The most popular is rubbing the body with rue, bay leaf or garlic. Take a pair of scissors in one hand. With the other, paint a circle around yourself. Staying in it, move slowly around your axis. All the time cut through the space with the scissors. Then put them down and start spinning again. This time push the air away from you, begging the evil powers to leave you. Then light a white candle and say the words nine times: “Destroy Satan, flee from evil.” At the end, take a cleansing shower – it can’t be a bath, so that all the charms will drain from you. To ward off evil spells, you can also take a bath with sea salt. Place a white candle next to the bath and light it. Stay in the water until the candle burns out.