I would like to clarify my understanding of black magic with this article.

It has been known for thousands of years that people in crisis cope with religious norms and values – not only to draw strength from their faith. Faith always helps us – when we need something supernatural to give us hope when all earthly things have failed us. In the Christian faith, the figure of the devil seems to play a role that is frightening, scary, evil and possessed. In ancient writings, however, the devil is something else – namely, a natural deity who acts to protect all living beings, whether human or animal, and help the weak.

The devil plays no role in black magic !
But let’s break off at this point – because it is absolutely important to know (!) that my understanding of black magic has NOTHING to do with the symbol of the Christian faith. At this point you are not clashing with either God or the devil. You do not have to go through any existential religious questions, because the devil does not play a role in black magic work.

Black magic in love spells

Let’s move on to black magic. We associate the color black with something dark, dangerous and evil. But this is not the case. I would like to explain to you in more detail the understanding of black magic using the example of love spells. People suffering from love sickness always go through the most extreme and painful feelings that a person is capable of feeling. It hurts, paralyzes them, they feel abandoned and lonely. Their condition can be compared to a kind of helplessness, as they can’t find anything to revise this condition, make it more bearable or eliminate it. Many describe such hopelessness, which has put them in a state of emergency. But let me make one thing clear: This breakdown is not the exception, but the rule with heartbreak. Each of us has been in this moment and knows how hard it is to endure.

Black magic, however, helps!

So if you use the services of black magic to get your personal happiness, then you can be sure that you will be completely understood. The most important thing is your intentions-if they are positive then black magic rituals will also be helpful to you. The name black magic scares you away, but it’s just a name. If you love the person then you have the right to use black magic rituals.