Are white magic spells powerful enough?

When it comes to magic, a clear division has been established between black magic and white magic. Black magic spells include voodoo spells and love curses. White magic spells include, for example, archangel spells. Each spell is based on creating as much energy as possible for a given purpose.
Why are love spells used?
Love magic is used in several basic cases:

-to win back a partner who has left you

-to win the love of a person you like
-to improve a current relationship
-to increase your success with the opposite sex
-to attract a new love into your life

There is no such thing as one effective spell that will work in every situation. There are many different spells that are used. Egyptian spells, love binding spell, and Wiccan spells have a very good reputation. Archangel spells, which belong to white magic, have a slightly worse reputation, some people believe that their power is weaker than other spells. Is this true?
Well, not really. The facts are that the effectiveness of a spell depends mainly on the person who casts the spell. If someone specializes in the field of white magic, then the spell can be counted on to be successful. Very importantly, white magic spells have no side effects. If the spell is successful, you can create a long-term and stable relationship with your partner.
In conclusion, I wanted to point out one more important point. If you want to use love magic, you need to be sure of your decision. Although white magic spells are safe, it is still magical interference. You must be sure that you want to spend the rest of your life with the person. Otherwise, there is no point in ordering a love spell.